Tips To Decorate Your House Effectively

If you live in the old house for the long time, you always want to redecorate your house to make them more interesting. However, if you want to change the decoration topic frequently and catch up with the trends, you have to pay a lot for this, then finding some tip to reduce the cost by corporate the old stuff in different ways or using DIY stuff to make your own style and make your marks in the decoration term. Some tips below are my collection and hope that it is useful for you too.

Using The Decoration Rug

Beside the loor rug, you can choose the decoration rug to make the highlight point in the room. The decoration rug is the same with the floor rug by you can find the rug with various type of material, shape, size and pattern, etc. the decoration rug can make your room look more snug.

For example, you can place a small lamb decoration rug on the tea table or on the chairs to  make the different from the original look. Rug is cheaper than chair or other furniture in your home so you can easily change the look of the room with low price.


Mirror can create the reflection of your room and make it double bigger than the real size. You can place the mirrow anywhere in the room without any wasted of space because you can hang them on the wall with different height. You can choose between the small and big mirrow to decorate your room, but in my personal opinion, I like the small one more because the different in size and shape of the mirrow also can make an impressive attractive to your home.


With the room have window, the curtain is the best way to not only balance the light in room but also a great way to decorate and hiding some errors on the wall. You can choose the curtain with different color, pattern and material to make the style you want and create different effects.

From my experiences, you should choose the curtain with high height and start from the ceiling to the floor, this type of hanging curtain can make the room look bigger and have better look than the type that the curtain on the middle range of the wall. One tip for you to choose the color of the curtain is that you should choose the color which is darker than the color of the wall to have the best effects.


In all kind of low price dercoration, using pillow is the way that I like the most. You can use the pillow in different room in the house and able to create various style through its shape, size, color and material. One tip for you when use the pillow is that you should use the neutral and monocolor sofa and colorful pillow, the contrast between sofa and the pillow will be the highlight point in your room.