Some Notes When Choosing Led Grow Light

Nowadays, led grow light has become indispensable device for indoor planting.  Led grow light is a special type of led light with feature to create similar light as sunlight to help trees in the house implement photosynthesis process. Below are some notes to help you choose the best led grow light for your indoor garden.

Structure Of Led Grow Light

Initially, led grow light is manufactured with a simple design – it just includes a red light area and a blue light area. In fact, red light is very helpful for development of flower and blue light is necessary for development of leaves. Some researches have been implemented however it does not have enough power therefore it can not create enough light in necessary spectrum. After a period of time to research and develop, manufacturers have realized that tree needs more light instead of only blue and red light. Photosynthesis will need more light in necessary spectrum to happen effectively.

Notes When Choosing Led Grow Light

Today, with development of technology, led grow light has been upgraded instead of only blue and red light now it can also have three, four, six or eleven different light areas even some led grow lights are designed to create full spectrum however according to expert in this field, tree just needs really two red light ranges, two blue light ranges and one orange light range to development strongly therefore using led grow light with six or eleven light areas or whole spectrum is a waste. It is similar with using high pressure sodium for cultivation.

Any led grow light for indoor planting also has light based on white light or whole spectrum then they will not be effective because they remove concept about concentration lighting. You need to know that with high pressure sodium, there is 15% light which is really helpful for development of tree and the rest of lights will not be absorbed by tree and they will lose caused by heat – this thing is the same with led grow light with white light and led grow light with whole spectrum.

In fact, some white lights will be helpful for development for tree however ratio of white light compared with other lights should be right and helpful if not it is just a waste about energy therefore you should choose led grow light having suitable light with your demand instead of choosing led grow light having too many lights or whole spectrum because price of them is higher than normal products as well as they will consume more energy and you will have to pay more money for electric cost because they create more light.

Next, you need to care about power of led grow light. In fact, many manufacturers of this product usually advertise that the led grow light with power 90W is similar with high pressure sodium 400W or led grow light with power 350W is similar with high pressure sodium 1000W.

However, this thing is not right 100% because you also need to calculate about acreage to use led grow light as well as parameter about your tree such as type, number, height of tree, development of leaves and flowers and other important details with indoor planting. You need to calculate and know about this information before choosing led grow light for your garden.

For example, you can choose a led grow light with power 90W for acreage square-shape with length of each edge is about 0.6 meter for development of the tree having flowers and leaves. About covered acreage, led grown light with power 90W is similar with using high pressure sodium with power 250W that means by using led grow light you will save 60% of consume power. However if you want to led grow light to plant vegetable then this thing will be different.

You still use led grow light with power 90W however in this case, you should use it for acreage square-shape with length of each edge is about 1.2 meters. You should increase covered acreage because with vegetable, they do not have flower therefore you just need to provide light for development of leaves.