5 Tricks To Expand Your Small House

For the development of economy, people are tend to go to big city for better living condition and mor oppotunities for high salary job. It leads to the fact that the population density in big cities is very high and therefore people are usually have to live in small house. The general square for a department is about 30 metre square, and this is can be the living space for the family of four. In this post, I want to share you some tricks to make your apartment look bigger than the real and saving space for others.

Choosing The Suitable Height For Your Furniture

In the small flat, if you choose all the furniture in the same height, it can make your room look smaller and more cramped. Morover, in the same height make you hard to make the highlight point to your room. Nevertherless, if you choose different height of your furniture you can easier to create the highlight point in the room, make the catching eyes point in your room can make the feeling of standing in bigger space.

For example, you can corporate the sofa with a high tea table. It is clearly that you need high chairs for this table and it can not in front of the sofa but on the side of it, but the effects are really impressive and worth for you to take a try.

Taking The Advantages Of Windowsill

In the small room, there is a waste if you spend a ground space for placing decoration stuff such as plants, sculptures, etc. so taking the advantages of the windowsill is the best choice to place the decoration stuff in your home. In facts, the small flat do not have a big windowsill, so you should choose the small plant pots and small size of stuff to place there.

In addition, you can use this place as a small storage instead of just place things in the case. It helps you a lot to increase the roles of bookshelves or cases in your room. In the small room, this is the best way for you to save space for other purposes.

Layering Your Stuff

This is using the method of height, when you bulk your stuf together, the higher it is, the more space you can save. You can place the TV on the storage case and some on-wall bookshelf above, it help to reduce the things you place on the ground, then the more neatly the room is, the bigger it looks. Hanging things on wall as much as possible is a good idea to saving space in the modern house design. You also can use this method for your wardrobe when choose the up ceiling wardrobe because it can storage more things and make your room look bigger.

Making Small Highlight Points

Even the small and unuseful things can be the highlight points to your house. You can place a small flower jar on the cloth hanging, some time the useless stuff can be the good decorated stuff for your room.

Functional Stuff And Decoration Stuff In Yor House

In the small house, you can not place everything you want in because it can cause a mess there. At the first place, you shoud choose the functional stuff which is the essential in your life such as lighting system, fans, and some chairs. After that, you can think about the decoration stuff. In some recent years, the designers and manufaturers  understand the requirement of people to have a device with multifunctions, in particular is the stuff which can both perform its basic functions and have beautiful design for the decoration functions.

You can see the lightfans, sofabed, etc. are the typical example about the multifunction furniture in the small house. So the combination of functional and decorated furniture is the best choice for the small house, and this stuff also help you to save a lot of money then by the monofunctional device.

In addition, beside the common device such as TV, fans, pictures that we are usual with hanging position, you can try to hang other decoration stuff on the wall or even ceiling such as the plant pots, lightfans.