5 dreadful truths you need to know before they can learn guitar

If you’re trying to learn the guitar, it was great, you had a very wise decision and this decision probably will be one of the largest selections in your life. But wait a minute before you buy yourself the best guitar for beginners and started to practice I want you to know that there will not be any path without thorns, obstacles both. I do not want to discourage you, but in this article I will list some unpleasant things that you will experience when playing
the guitar. After reading this, you will have the answer that I should learn the guitar or not!

  1. You will spend money

Sincerity is always that if you intend to learn the guitar, then do not hesitate to buy a guitar. If you get someone to donate a tree, it might be okay, but definitely need to always light, borrowed above cases are not accepted. Even shared housing you a child with a guitar you’re not always accepted.

You need to practice guitar every day should not own a guitar, how do you practice? Compared guitar with other instruments, this is a very ordinary thing with affordable price range so you do not need to spend too much money for his first guitar where later you will naturally play or buy a guitar its worth with more than only.

In addition you will spend a small sum to buy enough things in life accessories too.

  1. You will have to go through pain

I found that every time I go out with male handbags new friends or guitar handbag up first company I was kind of what I’ll hear at least one running back to share their stories like “Oh Confucianism huh guitar, but back then, I did set up the left hand pain too. ” Well, a lot of people who give up just because the pain so you ask yourself whether or not learning guitar if you do not have to be painful offline. Your hands will swell, each click on the string you see the hand to arrive before coming off. But the good news is you will hand the bottle over time after about 2 weeks so you will not feel anything anymore, even bottles too thick so much when you tap on the touch screen do not eat always (whether this is good news or sad anymore).

If you intend to play the violin anymore, you have to be prepared offline neck pain again! Wantonly courteous to play music that, but lemon too much pain there. Without the latter stage of the bottle is going to hand the stage style skinning again.

  1. You will have to sacrifice

Listen terrible asthma, asthma map sacrifice … Yep decent but where hip joking !!!

Dirt cake, the girls will have to sacrifice the nail on the left to learn these chords press,

Some he normally neat hair will have to play finger- style nail feeding patterns

Then have to sacrifice time to practice guitar, instead you can use that time to play sports, education, etc…

You will have to sacrifice a lot of things to learn guitar too! to slowly think about what you have to learn guitar.

  1. Guitar music is not reasonable for the blind

Perhaps you’ve heard many people say that you will not need to know anything about music theory can still play soundly, in fact is also true for the basic level only but later on you’ll have to learn music theory if you want to beat delectable only. Personally I hated school as a music theory should be the enemy of me but sometimes we still have to get close to his kids do not like to achieve alone. But do not worry, music theory alone is enough to play guitar very simple, where not much. If this much time before I quit. But sometimes you sleepy, depressed, tired but that is normal. Everyone would like you to stop – especially self-taught guitar.

  1. You will be ridiculed

Before practicing guitar you mentally prepare for the following types of statements:

– Well, why did not sound like anything so smooth

– You hit fast / slow I could not sing

– Why has such a nostalgic review

– How horrible to hear that buzzer

– 1001 statement similar heartache…

Believe me, any great guitarists out there yet or the “prodigy” you always admired has had to undergo a painful period because people blame heard terrible reviews. But remember that every great journey starts with most of feet away, just try your best and do not give up the guitar will become an indispensable part of your life!