5 Common Mistakes When Clean House

House cleaning is the job which is familiar with every people especially housewives. However, there are some job we just do as it is our hobby but do not know that they are wrong way to do that. Even some of small mistake can affect to the cleaning result and even damage the furniture. In this post I want to share 5 simple but effective tips to clean stuff in house that we almost have to do everyday.

Using Vinegar To Clean The Stone Couter Or Cooktop

Many housewives share their experiences by using vinergar to clean everything in house without affect to the quality of them and moreover is safety. Due to the fact that it is a natural detergent but contain high level of axit in it, so it can help to remove the durt easily. Nevertheless, it is not the best way to clean everything, especially the furniture made from stone.

With stone countertops, acidic liquids such as vinegar easily can deeply penetrate inside the material, gradually reduce the luster and reliability of material. Therefore, instead of vinegar, you should use cleansing cream or dedicated water. A gift from nature is not always perfect for everything!

Mixing Detergent With Ammonia

In fact, ammonia hasĀ  the main ingredient is NH3 which is the weak chemic, easily to turn to the gasous version. The combination of NH3 and the detergent can create a gasous chemic which is harmful for human health, and if you use this combination in the close space, it can lead to the lacking of O2 condition and cause the death. So that, instead of using this combination, you should only use the washy version of detergent to clean things.

Using The Bleaches To Clean The Floor Rug/ Carpet

People are usually think that the characteristic of clothes and carpet are the same, so they use the same way of clean the clothes for the carpet. But in fact it is not as effect as people think it is. When you use theĀ  bleaches, it is easy to remain on the fiber of the carpet and cause the dirty of it in short time. The better way to clean the carpet is use the special chemicals to clean the durt marks. Another choice is that you can bring the carpet to the the laundry store, at there, they have special and dedicated machine to clean the rug without damage its structure and durability

Wiping The Furniture By A Dry Cloth

When people clean the furniture, they usually think that the clean and dry piece of cloth is the best choice for cleaning stuff because it is more effective than the watery fabric. However, using the dry fabric just can remove the durt on the surface of one funiture to others because the removed durt can not stick on the fabric, just a slight touch can leave it behind.

In addition, the dry fabric can scratch the surface of the furniture during the cleaning process. An alternative choice for you is the electrostatic duster which can solve the disadvantage of the dry fabric. A cheaper and more popular solution is the wet cloth, but you should dry the wet fabric a little bt before use it for cleaning, especially for the pressed wood furniture.

Using Detergent To Clean The Rust

For convenient, many people choose to use the detergent to clean the rust of furniture in the kitchen or bathroom. In those place, the moisure always stay at high rate, so when the stuff is corrosed, you should not use the detergent to clean the rust, because that the chemical can make the rust grow to bigger size.